Mistress Ilene Johnnestoune

Location: Barony of Darkwater
Email: Herald.Ilene@gmail.com

Date of Elevation
  • Pelican: May 28 2011
  • Heraldry
  • Scribal Arts
  • Fiber Arts
Persona: Ilene is a 16th century Scotswoman living in Edinborough with her husband Gavine Armestrang. She is a good wife, being a fair hand at the needed skills of sewing, knitting, and very basic weaving. She is far better educated than most women of her time, courtesy of very indulgent parents who allowed her to sit in her brother's tutoring sessions. That education included time in the scriptorium, giving her the basic knowledge of calligraphy and illumination, which she practices when time permits. She is also very fond of heraldry, and can often be found discussing the merits of a particular piece of armory with others conversant in the art.