Baron Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov

Location: Canton of Amurgorod, Barony of An Crosaire

Date of Elevation
  • Laurel: May 25 1991
  • Pelican: March 28 2008

Rurik has been in the SCA since 1983 and has lived his entire SCA career in Trimaris. He started in the Shire of Sangre del Sol, moved to the Shire of Seamarch, the Barony of Darkwater, was a Foundering Member of the Shire of Amurgorod (Now a Canton of An Crosaire), was the 7th Landed Baron of An Crosaire, and now resides in the Barony of Oldenfeld.

He has held many offices in this time including Deputy Kingdom Seneschal (three times), Kingdom Chirurgeon, Kingdom Sheriff (now Constable), local Seneschal, Herald, Knights Marshal, Rapier Marshal, Art/Sci officer, Exchequer, and Constable. He has worked over 100 events in some capacity including Event Stewart, Feast Stewart, Site Herald, Reservations, Site Constable, and Site Marshal.

He received his Laurel in 1991 for Mead making and other Brewing and Vintning, and his Pelican in 2008 for his wide varity of Services to Trimaris and the Society.

In 1992 he, along with Mistress Ceridwen o Cahercomman, produced and directed the creation of the Vivat! Trimaris Volume I CD, which still remains a contributing factor to the Trimaris Land Fund to this day! However, he is perhaps best known for his night time activity of running Bardic Circle at any event he attends.



Lady Becc of Cork (Deceased) 
Lord Cu Luarain Caelan (Inactive)
Lord Brion Gennadyevich Gorodin (Inactive)
Mistress Natalija Varvara Stoianova called Natasha (Deceased)
Angus Armstrong (Inactive)
Hon. Lady Wulflinde Aethelwulf (Deceased)
MIstress Miriam d'Hawke
Hon. Lord Lars Knarrarsmidr (Shared with Mu'allim al Thaalibi)
Lady Aibhilin inghean Daibhidh (Out of Kingdom, Shared with Master Tadhg MacAedain UiConchobhair of Ansteorra)
Lord Ivan Volkovich called "Vanya" (Inactive)


Lord Ivan Volkovich called "Vanya" (inactive)
Angus Graham (Deceased)
Lord Takashi Ieyasu (Inactive)
Hon. Lord Ragnar Inn Tryggvy (Inactive)