Mistress Mayken Van Der Alst

Location: Barony of Castlemere
Email: maeva.eiriksdottir@gmail.com

Baroness Mayken Van Der Alst, OL

(Prior: Maeva Eiriksdottir)

Barony of Castlemere, Kingdom of Trimaris
Prior: Kingdom of Drachenwald

Persona/Year: 15th century Lowlands/Germany

Laurel: Elevated 2008-01-12 

Persona story: Mayken is a scrivener and illuminator born and raised in Gladbeec, a thriving market town in the lower Rhinelands of the Duchy of Jülich-Berg in the Holy Roman Empire. Widowed she managed to eek out a comfortable living with the help of the money and bustling scriptorium left behind by her first husband. She has since remarried. Her second husband, third son of a lowborn noble who
serves as officer in Duke Gerhard VII’s army, leaves her often, to raise their son and tend to the business at home.

Calligraphy & Illumination: Historically accurate materials and techniques in book arts, miniature portraits, panel painting, paleography, bookbinding, etc.
Other Interests: Beekeeping, German fashion and accessories over SCA culture, heraldry and heraldic display, Enchanted Ground Encampments, cooking, etc.

Mayken van der Alst her Housebook

Trimaris: In Tents

Manufaktura St. Lukas is the household of Baroness Mayken van der Alst, scrivener, member of the most worshipful Order of the Laurel.
The household is modeled after a 15th century illuminator's workshop with a master artisan, apprentices, students as well as indentured journeymen and journeywomen, and independent scholars. Creating scrolls and other artwork for the Kingdom of Trimaris while enjoying medieval arts and crafts, and camaraderie are the focus of this household. Each member promises to do their best to create a medieval atmosphere in dress, accessories, encampment and comportment. 

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