Madhavi of Jaisalmer, OL

Location: Barony of An Crosaire

Date of Elevation
  • Laurel: September 3, 2011

  • Pre-1600 Cooking, specializing in:
    • Redacting medieval dishes 
    • Medieval feasts including methods of service
    • Non-European food research, especially the foods of medieval India, North Africa and China 
    • Kitchen management for feasts 
    • History of spices, trade routes and origins 
  • Costume and accessories research, specializing in: 
    • 16th century North India, Mughal, Jaisalmer and Mewar 
    • 15th century Delhi Sultanates 
    • 11-12th century Orissa (Eastern India) 
    • 16th century Persia, Timurid 
    • 14th century Mamluk, centered around the Maqamat of al-Hariri 
    • Yuan Dynasty Chinese, Turkic and Mongol 
    • Everyday life in medieval India, general 
  • Fiber Arts: 
    • Embroidery, Indian
    • Some experience with dyeing, weaving, felting, and spinning
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About Madhavi

Madhavi is the Rajput daughter of a minor thakur (landholder) in the service of Maharajah Udai Singh II. The kingdom of Mewar is war-torn, so Madhavi spends much of her time in the court of Jaisalmer arranging elaborate and exotic feasts, building her family’s meager wealth by trading spices and cotton, and giving money to itinerant scholars.

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Madhavi's Elevation