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Crown 51: Thorstenn III and Zephyrine III

posted Feb 10, 2015, 9:48 AM by Kristen Gilpin
The Third Reign

Following the War of Ansteorran Aggression, began the reign of Thorstenn and Zephyrine, the third of each Name, and as the summer sun returned to brighten Trimarian skies, so did Their reign bring Joy to the heart of the Kingdom. The Arts flourished, peers of the realm were made, and Trimaris felt no troubles heavier than the weight of a delphium blossom upon the cheek of a fawn. However, Thorstenn began to be troubled by omens. These omens were not so much troubling, as they were..tempting..to His Majesty, for they took the shape of sprites….Fey and lovely..calling him away from his Duty to Crown and Kingdom. Her Majesty knew of no potions that could calm him, or turn Thorstenn away from the false idylls promised by these Creatures. And so, on a bright Autumn morning, sprites DID appear, and the King took off his Crown, never to be seen again. Zephyrine also put down her Royal Burden, and disappeared.