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Crown 16: Benen and Rosabel

posted Aug 3, 2015, 6:04 AM by Kristen Gilpin
The Tale of Benen and Rosabel

As their days came to an end, did Baldar Longstriter, the fourth of the name, and His queen, Rhianna, take leave of their worldly obligations and commit the good of the realm into the hands of their heirs, Syr Benen McTire the valiant and ever-effervescent and the much-beloved Mistress Rosabel de Burgundy, in her youth called Sorsha.

As Their reign progressed, Benen and Rosabel established no new holdings but elevated to the Laurelette their good subjects Janos der Kleine, Sean de Carrigfergus and Sean Ui Neil. They bestowed not the mantle of Pelican nor Chivalry to any in the realm.

Ever champions of the arts and sciences, they nurtured the skills and perfection of domesticity throughout the realm, raising standards of authenticity to new heights. At Gulf Wars II their artisans and crafters doubled those of Meridies and Ansteorra combined, easily commanding the Art/Sci war point. And at Pennsic that followed did They and their crafters raise a gate of such magnificence and engineering that it was acclaimed one of the Wonders of the Known World.

In the end, continued conflict with the Welsh required King Benen to renounce his Crown and go on Crusade to avoid excommunication, and Queen Rosabel, also surrendering her Crown, went into seclusion to await his return. But neither re-entered the long Tale of Heroes. And thus passed the 16th Crown of Trimaris into memory and dreams.

Submitted with love,
Master Barar