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Crown 12: Brendan and Aine

posted Aug 3, 2015, 6:02 AM by Kristen Gilpin

In the waning days in the Reign of Haun and Anastasia, from the eastern marches of Trimaris came the stalwart and ever-loyal Sir Brendan MacAengus and his gracious and gracely Lady Aine Swrdwal to claim Their vacant Throne. Upon the ninth day of the third month in the year of Society XXV did they take up Their labor as King and Queen.
Peace it was mostly that reigned through the land, such that Their Royal Majesties extended the reach of Their reign in establishing the Shire of Crystal Moor, and adding greatly to the ranks of Their peerages: Kenneth MacCintsacairt called Gradheil and Arthur d'Urience to the Order of the Chivalry; Rachel Kathleen Cundiff and Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov to the Order of the Laurel; and Guillermo da Firenze and Katerina Isabella Sbarbaro da Firenze to the Order of the Pelican.
Their Royal Majesties Brendan and Aine proved to be valiant allies and welcoming hosts at the Great War at Pennsic. But as the victories and glories of the Great Pennsic War began to fade into memory and the cooler days approached, did King Brendan the Staunch and his Queen Aine the Graceful rest from Their labors, passing Their Crowns, Thrones and all royal possessions into the hands of Their Heirs, Prince Treve and Princess Carmenetta.

Thus passed the 12th Crown of the Realm into loving memory, and may he sleep long in peace proudly among his revered forebears.

Submitted with love,
Master Barar