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Royal Narrative Guidelines

There are two narratives that will be required: a shorter more succinct one for the 50th Year project and a longer more involved narrative for the Illuminated Book of Crowns. The 50th year project narrative is approximately 125 words. As we have been given a limit of 10,000 words we are limited in what we may include in our narratives sent to the Society for Creative Anachronism's 50th year project. The illuminated Book of Crowns is 250 words. Writing the longer narrative would in most cases be the most efficient way to create both editions, as the shorter piece would involve some editing to create a shorter narrative.

If possible please try to interview your assigned crown.
  • Some prompt questions to consider are what was the time period and theme of reign? What colors did they prefer? Was there a theme for the reign?
  • Please include in the first sentence the Crown they follow in the line of succession. Also do the same by including their Heirs at the end of the narrative. This is especially important for couples that have reigned more than once so we can determine which reign is being discussed
  • A good idea might be to ask or find in court documents what descriptive term was used when heralded into court.  
  • Some crowns supported special projects (archery, equestrian…). If space allows please note this in the narrative. 
  • If this Crown and Kingdom was victorious at Gulf Wars make note in descriptive terms. 
  • At times we have Queens who are fighters and oftentimes a mention of this in the narrative is a nice descriptive way to demonstrate the versatility and ability of the Crown service to their kingdom during the reign. 
  • At times the King will be skillful in the arts and sciences make mention of this if space allows. 
  • You can find information about groups created, landed nobles invested and peers elevated during each reign at the following link: http://trimaris.org/royal_achievements
  • Click here to see examples of completed narratives.

These are a few ideas that will allow you to create a crown narrative. Your own abilities as a writer and inquisitive interviewer also assist in creating a pleasing and memorable narrative that will be applied to this legacy project. The current working deadline is September 15th, 2014.

Please submit the 125 and 250 word narrative to Duchess Islay and copy to Baroness Maol Mide.
  • islay@cfl.rr.com
  • melessee@gmail.com
If you have any question, please submit them to Duchess Islay.