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If you are a Peer relocating to Trimaris or recently elevated in Trimaris, the following links may be of assistance.

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All New Peers After the Announcement Elevations, Secret Peerage Meetings and More  
All Peerage Regalia Drachenstein Treasures 
All Peerage Regalia Master Ark's 
All Peerage Regalia Combat Medallions 
All Sumptuary Laws Sumptuary Laws of Trimaris 
All Titles Alternate Titles 
Chivalry Communication SCA Chivalry Yahoo Group 
Chivalry Communication Trimaris Chivalry Yahoo Group 
Chivalry Kingdom Law Chivalry Charter 
Laurel Charter Laurel Charter 
Laurel Communication SCA Laurels Email Group 
Laurel Communication Trimaris Laurels Facebook Group 
Laurel Communication Trimaris Laurels Yahoo Group 
Pelican Charter Pelican Charter 
Pelican Communication SCA Pelicans Email Group 
Pelican Communication Trimaris Pelicans Facebook Group 
Pelican Communication Trimaris Pelicans Yahoo Group 
Rose Communication Trimaris Roses Yahoo Group 
Royal Communication SCA Royal Peers Yahoo Group 
Showing 19 items