Kingdom Law Pertaining

to the Order of the Chivalry Trimaris

The Order of the Chivalry in Trimaris is not governed by a charter, but rather is governed by a section of Trimaris Kingdom Law.


From the Greater Kingdom Law:
IV. Chivalry

  1. Fealty shall be sworn to the Crown of Trimaris by all Knights residing within the borders
    of Trimaris at Coronation or the first event that the Crown and Knight attend following
    the Crown's Coronation.
  2. Failure to do so may result in mandatory banishment from the Royal Presence, and
    surrendering of the gold chain and white belt to the acting Principal of the Order until
    such time as fealty is re-sworn or the Reign ends.
  3. Such is the will of the Knights of Trimaris

From Lesser Kingdom Law:
B. Other Regalia

  1. Unadorned chains of gold are reserved for use by the Chivalry, but only if they have
    sworn their fealty to the Crown. Spurs of gold and simple white belts are reserved for
    use of the Chivalry.
  2. Simple red belts are reserved for use by the direct associates of members of the Order
    of Chivalry.