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Calendars for the Northern, Central and Southern regions of Trimaris
  • North Florida SCA Calendar
    • Barony of An Crosaire (AC)
    • Barony of Oldenfeld (OLD)
    • Canton of Amurgorod (AMG)
    • Canton of Mathom Trove (MT)
    • Shire of Castlemere (CLM)
  • Central Florida SCA Calendar
    • Barony of Darkwater (DW)
    • Barony of Marcaster (MC)
    • Barony of Wyvernwoode (WYV)
    • Shire of the Ruins (SR)
  • South Florida SCA Calendar
    • Shire of Sangre del Sol  (SDS)
    • Shire of Sea March (SM)
    • Shire of Southkeep (SK)
    • Shire of Stag Ridge (STG)
    • Shire of Trisel (ST)
    • Shire of Tri Os (TO)