Duke Kurn O'Farrell of Ulster

Location: Shire of the Ruins
Email: sirkurn@gmail.com

Date of Elevation
  • Chivalry:January 17 1998
  • County: September 5 2009
  • Duchy: Aug 31, 2013

  • King Stromek Bo Comaton
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About Kurn
Kurn is a 5th century Irishman who was promoted through the ranks of the centurions to become one of five Tribuni Angusticlavii(equestrian Knights) of Rome's Legio VI Victrix stationed at Hadrian's Wall. 
 He was recalled in 406 AD from Britannia when part of Legio VI was reassigned to Gaul to prevent the barbarians from crossing the Rhine.  This proved unsuccessful and when Rome formally pulled out of Britannia in 411 AD, Tribune Kurn returned to Ireland with his small bucelarii(Household troops) to reclaim his ancestral lands in Ulster.  His success resulted in his becoming the Earl of Antrim in Ulster.