Duchess Maisie of Dunbarton

Location: Barony of Wyvernwoode
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Date of Elevation
  • County: August 30 1997
  • Rose: August 30 1997
  • Pelican: February 16 2002
  • Duchy: September 2 2006
  • Autocratting events
  • Gulf Wars
  • Armored Combat

  • Richard Le Wulfe
  • Svetlana
  • Bryna of Kildare
  • Kale Adrianne
  • Raya al Dunbarton
  • Aurelia Cassia
  • Baroness Rowan McBrighde

Cross of St Joan

During her last Reign, Duchess Maisie and Duke Gregory created a new Trimarian award that would honor inspirational fighters, especially women who help others to achieve.

Faith is roused by those who believe; not just in their cause, but in themselves. Belief in her faith caused a young maiden, Jeanne d'Arc, to demand a foreign king take his army from her homeland.  Her force of faith inspired an army to believe a farm girl could be a military commander. 

Her perseverance expelled her enemies and crowned a King. 

To take the field of combat, a woman must cast aside what is proper and gentle, and take up the trappings and demeanor of a man.  Doing so, she will fell not only the barbs of contempt and condescension of some, but also the thorns of self-doubt.  For one to overcome this incertitude and succeed is to inspire others. 

The prowess afield of a powerful man may do little to instill belief in a young girl that she may stand as a warrior, but she may take great inspiration from a woman who has conquered doubts and fought as a man's equal. 

Only those who are inspired themselves can inspire others  Therefore, does membership in the Order of The Cross of St. Joan recognize those who are both inspired to achieve their ideals, as well as inspire others to believe they can achieve their own. 

9.9 Kingdom Non-Armigerous Awards

I.19 The Order of the Cross of St. Joan CSJ) may be bestowed to a veteran heavy-weapons fighters who are found to be an inspiration both on and off the field of combat.  This award is traditionally given to female fighters. 

  a) Token Azure, on a cross flory between four fleur-de-lys points to center argent, a triskele azure. 

The Story of Gregory and Maisie

Let all the Ollam poets give this tale to the highest Chieftans and the lowest farmers.  The tale of Gregory and Maisie is to be made known throughout all of the land. 

   On Christ's Mass day of the year 898 of the Christian counting did Gregory Ahearne set out to follow the demands of his father and grandfather.  He and his feni-brothers were to travel as hostages to the land of Trimaris in exchange for support against Viking raiders who were beginning to swarm the River Shannon.  Their ships were packed with their fine goods that they might carry part of their homeland with them.  As he surveyed his brave warriors and treasure chests in the boats, Gregory still felt something was missing. 

   On the eve of departure after the feni-warriros had fallen asleep from the exertions of the farewell caille.  Gregory silently crept in the moonlight to the docked boats.  He unloaded his shining chariot and battle steed and harnessed them for a journey.  With a single snap of the reigns the horse leapt into the air and began to fly to the East pulling Gregory and his chariot along.  They flew across Ireland and across the Irish Sea till they came to the Fort in Dalraidia called Dunbarton.  There it was said lived a young warrioress in the Clan of his Father's rival.  The chariot landed silently at the Dunbarton gate and Gregory made a salmon's leap over the wall with sword in hand.  Before him was a bonfire and he approached it boldly. 

   At the fire there was a grand commotion.  In a swirl of dark curls and white fists was a  man whose intentions had not been appreciated by the object of his desire.  Maisie of Dunbarton cared not for men whose amorous advances came uninvited.  This poor soul was meeting the consequences suffered by many before.  Undaunted, Gregory stepped between the two and called out "I am Gregory of Ahearne Tuatha, of the dual chariots and horses of night.  You will come away with me and be my wife." 

   Maisie startled by the honorable intentions of Gregory came to a halt, curls rippling slowly still down her back.  Just then, as Gregory admired the woman before him, the spurned suitor gave forth a mighty fist strike intended for Maisie.  Gregory saw the strike mirrored in the deep pools of Maisie's eyes and quickly turned to parry the blow.  The suitor fell upon Gregory's sword and Gregory fell back into Maisie's arms. 

   Maisie saw Gregory's fine teeth in his smiling face and felt his strong body under his leine.  "You are a suitor of much nobler sort.  I admire your courage.  Perhaps I will come away with you," said Maisie. 

   Gregory and Maisie ran back to the chariot and flew back across the sea and land to Limerick.  They reached the Shannon at dawn and joined the Ahearne Tuatha on the ships as they sailed the way to settle in Trimaris. 

   Upon their arrival in Trimaris, Gregory, Maisie and their Clan found honorable hosteling.  Within 2 years Gregory's sword arm and true heart carried him to the ranks of the Aire Echta, the lords of vengenance so honored, Gregory was chosen as the High King and Maisie took one the geas-title of Sacred Queen to the folk of Trimaris.  So they set to be Coronated in the third week of Spring in the year 900 of Christ's accounting.